Our primary music curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Our music teaching is primarily taken from the Cornerstones Maestro projects and supplemented using Charanga (which includes a growing library of songs, topics, instrument courses and creative apps).

We have a long tradition of enabling children to learn to play a musical instrument either as an individual, in a small group or as a whole class. All children in Year 4 upwards are given the opportunity to have specialised instrument lessons on the violin, cornet or keyboard and are loaned a free instrument from the Birmingham Music Service to play throughout their years in upper school at Adderley.

Some children also play in `Birmingham Schools `Area instrumental groups ` and `Birmingham Schools` Ensembles` after school and participate in concerts at the Conservatoire of Music in Birmingham or at other local concert venues such as the Symphony Hall.

Additionally, we have our own thriving choirs which perform at school concerts and have also participated in `Young Voices’ and the` Primary Gala Choir`.