Parental Agreement

Parents and carers are expected to support the following school expectations for Remote Learning,
including Teams Meetings.

  • All live videos will always be in groups and never one to one.
  • I will make sure that my child is ready to log in to MS Teams at 8:45am.
  • I will ensure my child/ren are wearing suitable clothing (and everyone else in the
    household). School uniform is not expected.
  • I will ensure the device being used is in a ‘public’ living area e.g. living room and not the
  • Appropriate language will be used at all times (including everyone else in the household)
  • I will expect the same level of behaviour from my child as in school.
  • Loaned devices will only be used for learning purposes e.g to access Microsoft Teams and
    the internet browser. No further software will be installed.
  • I will not record, photograph, print screen, store or distribute video material without
  • I will provide my child/ren with a dedicated learning space which will be kept as quiet as
  • I will make sure that I have a stable internet connection to avoid disruption to lessons.
  • I will not share any of the links provided by the class teacher for any lessons.
  • I understand the school will record live teaching as good safeguarding practice for both
    pupils and staff. These recordings will not be distributed or used in any public way. They will
    only be viewed by other school staff if a safeguarding or behaviour issue arises.