At Adderley our aim is to ensure that the Personal, Social and Health, Economic & Citizenship Education (PSHEC) provision is the best that we can possibly offer to the children and provides opportunities for the children to achieve their full potential. We see PSHEC as being at the centre of the teaching and learning of our pupils. It has a positive influence on the ethos, learning and relationships in the school and therefore receives the full commitment and involvement of the school community as a whole.

Our PSHEC curriculum aims to:

  • Provide every child with learning experiences that will enable them to achieve their potential and lead a fulfilling life
  • Meet the needs of all by taking into account the differences of gender, ability, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural, social and religious backgrounds.
  • Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, emotional and physical development of pupils.
  • Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • Keep children safe from radical or extreme views (Prevent Strategy).

At Adderley, we believe that PSHEC is extremely important for our children to become effective learners and supports them as they move through childhood to become independent young global citizens of this society.

We teach PSHEC explicitly in lessons but also in cross curricular teaching across the other subject areas and through the use of assemblies and performances. Furthermore, we promote PSHEC by collectively recognising events such as Safer Internet Day, Anti Bullying week and Children in Need, we believe that this gives our children further opportunities to learn about others and to learn about being a good British Citizen.

At Adderley, the incorporation of Citizenship in PSHEC allows for an integrated approach to the major themes of Citizenship such as Rules, Communities, Conflict, and Making Choices etc. In lessons where Citizenship is taught, children learn about:

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Diversity in the community
  • Living in a multicultural society
  • How people’s differing views can divide a society

In the Citizenship units of work, children will be learning to raise their awareness of issues that may lead to extremism and radicalisation, and to help them prevent this happening in their lives. Children will also be learning about multicultural Britain and how to be safe and keep others safe from harmful behaviour, including, extremism and radicalisation.

As part of children’s Personal and Social development we give them opportunities to work with charities and inspirational individuals. We believe this will motivate and inspire our children to try their best and achieve their goals. Throughout the school year, children are given many opportunities to work with the charity ‘WE Schools’ and organisations such as UNICEF. We also encourage children to take part in local and global actions to make the world a better place and children have opportunities to take part in various campaigns.


The health and wellbeing of our pupils is pivotal to us at Adderley Primary and through the Health Education curriculum, we aim to equip children with life-long skills and knowledge that will enable our children to lead and maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. More specifically we aim to ensure that children will:

  • Learn the importance of a healthy diet.
  • Explore relationships between diet and dental health.
  • Develop an understanding of and practice the safe handling of food.
  • Be encouraged to bring a healthy snack for break-time and lunch.
  • Be encouraged to eat a well-balanced lunch, containing fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn about hygiene and etiquette.
  • Explore global healthy eating and lifestyles.
  • Develop an understanding of, and practice principles of Road Safety.
  • Be aware of the importance of a responsible approach to safety in the home and school environment.
  • Accept responsibility for the safety of themselves and others.
  • Acquire a knowledge of and competence in first aid.
  • Gain confidence in acquiring new skills and being aware of internet safety and stranger danger.

The Health Education curriculum is delivered to Years 1 to 6 on a half termly basis and the planning covers key areas of Personal, Social and Health Education listed below.

Year 1: My Body, Medicines and Me, Healthy Eating, Looking After Myself.

Year 2: Looking after Myself, Personal Lifestyle, Relationships and Growing Up.

Year 3: Hygiene, Drugs and Medicines, Relationships and Growing Up.

Year 4: Looking after Myself, Health and Safety, Personal Hygiene.

Year 5: Looking after Myself, Healthy Lifestyle, RSE and Growing Up.

Year 6: First Aid, Alcohol and Drugs, RSE and Growing Up.

Each half term the children engage in a Health Week where foundation subjects are replaced with activities and assemblies that promote Nutrition, Exercise, First Aid and Hygiene. During this week, children have the opportunity to win prizes by taking part in intra-school competition, Walk to School and through various competitions.

Adderley Primary School is working closely with City Serve, an organisation which promotes healthy eating and life styles by delivering cooking lessons to pupils and supporting the school in developing a whole school healthy eating policy. In addition, Adderley Primary provide parent workshops to further support parents on how to best provide healthy lunch boxes.

We have been awarded ‘Be Healthy’ status.