Our Governors

The role of the Governing Body is crucial to the ongoing success of any school. As volunteers we work in partnership with the Head Teacher and Leadership Team to plan the school’s future direction, make decisions on budgeting and staffing, ensuring the curriculum is taught in line with the National Curriculum and making sure the school provides for pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development as well as for the learning of those children who have Special Educational Needs.

The Governors’ page and the Parents’ Section will surely provide parents and carers with updates as to the work of the Governing Body and Adderley Primary School in order to keep you informed. We look forward to working with the Head Teacher, staff, governors, parents and the local community to continue to build on the successes of the school.




The role of governing bodies is to help schools provide the best possible education for the pupils at the school. School governing bodies that clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, build productive relationships with school leaders, know their schools well and use the views of parents, pupils and the wider community are best equipped to drive improvement in their schools.

The main aim of the governing body is to maintain and improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement and attainment at the school.

A key role of the governors is to challenge and support the school leaders, holding them to account for their actions in ensuring that all pupils make good progress.


• Know the school well and its strengths and weaknesses. They have a clear vision and create a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel.

• Know the pupils, their strengths, areas for improvement and vulnerabilities. They are ambitious for all pupils and promote improvement.

• Know the finances and approve the budget, ensuring that money is spent effectively.

• Are strategic in making use of targets, budgets, appraisal, the school development plan and other success criteria.

• Are committed unwaveringly to setting high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff.

• Systematically challenge senior leaders so that the effective deployment of staff and resources, including the pupil premium, the primary PE and sport premium and SEND funding, secures excellent outcomes for pupils.

• Act as a partner to the strategic leadership team [SLT], making use of data and targets, action plans, appraisal and other mechanisms to hold the SLT to account.

• Know the quality of teaching and all staffing.

• Ensure that all health and safety and safeguarding requirements are in place and implemented.

• Understand performance management systems, appraisal process and performance related pay leading to professional development that encourages,     challenges and supports teachers’ improvement.

• Validate their knowledge, making use of external verification and external data.

• Promote equality of opportunity and diversity for pupils and staff, so that the ethos and culture of the whole school prevents any form of direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour.

Governor Statement 

Adderley School’s Governing Body is responsible for the strategic management of the school. Its 3 main roles are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body is a committed group of 9 Governors.   Following a review of our governance it was decided to adopt a ‘no committees’ model and to hold Full Governing Body meetings with a focus alternating between curriculum and finance.   This ensures that every Governor has an understanding of the full range of governing body responsibilities and it assists Governors in making more informed and rounded decisions.

Governors are very much involved in the school development planning and review process. At our curriculum focus meetings, Governors receive reports directly from subject leaders and are able to question them to ensure we are monitoring progress towards the targets in the School Development Plan.   As well as our Governor responsibilities, each Governor is assigned to a year group and a subject area. Our visits to school and meetings with subject leads give us a clearer insight into each subject area and help us to understand the current attainment and progress.  Governors also attend events at school, i.e. assemblies, performances and take an active part in the wider school community.

At our finance focus meetings, Governors continue to closely monitor the school budget to check that even when costs are rising we strive to ensure that staffing levels and resources do not suffer.

Governors put the emotional, personal well-being of all staff and children as a priority, so by attending pupil voice and meetings with staff we support the health and well-being policies in school.

In order that Governors continue to develop the knowledge and skills that we can bring to the Governing Body, we identify suitable training and attend external training sessions to make certain that we can govern effectively.

The children are always at the forefront of our decisions as we endeavour to give each child the best educational and pastoral environment to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Chair of Governors

on behalf of the Governing Body

Mrs Rahila Waqass – Chair of Governors

I am currently the Chair of Governors at Adderley Primary School.  I am a qualified solicitor and have worked and represented a number of companies.

I was a Parent Governor initially and was then elected as Chair.  I have the knowledge and skills set and have led on all aspects of Governance from Finance to Curriculum, which is a challenging role.

Adderley Primary School is an exceptional school for which I am honoured to have the opportunity to male a positive contribution towards as a Governor.  It is a school that really puts every child at the heart of what they do.  Staff wellbeing is also a priority.  It is a privilege to serve here as the Chair of Governors.

Mrs Linda Rose – Vice Chair

I have many years’ experience of working in education, six years in higher education administration followed by twenty-seven years as a teacher/lecturer in further education teaching business studies and business communication.

As a parent of four children I previously served on the governing bodies of two primary schools in Walsall and therefore understand the vital role of governors in ensuring the school’s aims are met and every child reaches their potential.

I am very pleased to be able to support the dedicated governors at this truly inspiring school.

Mr Mohammed Rashid – Co-opted Governor

My name is Mohammed Abdur Rashid and I currently represent Castle Bromwich as Parish Councillor a position I have held since 2006 and prior to this was Parish Councillor for Smiths Wood Council. I have over 50 years’ experience of working in the public sector and continue to work as a Trustee and General Secretary of the Bangladesh Centre.

I have had the pleasure of being a governor for Adderley School since 1988. During this time, I have had the opportunity to build many productive relationships with school leaders and the local community which have helped improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement and attainment at the school. I have seen many positive changes to the school and feel privileged to be a part of this continuing improvement.

Mrs Rizvana Darr – Headteacher

My name is Rizvana Darr and I have been a member of the Governing Body at Adderley Primary school since I became Head teacher in April 2009. The school has undergone much change during my time here, and outcomes for children have significantly improved. Our children are at the heart of everything we do.

As a school, we serve the community. We are here for the community and to play a full part in the community. I want all our children to become the well rounded citizens of tomorrow and I believe that we must give them every opportunity to develop their sense of social and moral responsibility.

None of this can be achieved without the support of our parents and carers. We have amazing, dedicated and committed staff who strive to achieve the best for themselves, our children and our community.

Education has changed significantly over the years with the growing importance of the role Governors play in setting the strategic direction of the school, ensuring correct financial management and providing challenge to the leadership team.

It is my commitment to work with the Governing Body to ensure Adderley Primary School creates successful and passionate lifelong learners who make a difference wherever they go.

Mrs Asma Rashid – Parent Governor

My name is Asma Rashid and I am Parent Governor at Adderley Primary School. I moved to Birmingham seven years ago and I’m fairly new to the role of Parent Governor. I have a range of experiences in school settings and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Governing Body at Adderley Primary School. Both my children attend Adderley Primary School, this gives me an opportunity to be involved in shaping the school, driving the strategic vision with other governors and the school leaders, as well as my children’s academic life.
Adderley Primary School is a very good school which puts the children at the centre of all its work and I am really proud of being a member of the Governing Body.

Miss Zahreen Asghar – Co-opted Governor

My name is Zahreen Asghar. I have been a Co-opted Governor at Adderley Primary School for several years.

I have worked in education for 20 plus years of which over 17 years have been spent working at Adderley Primary School. I am a trained DSL and Pastoral Care Leader at the school.

I continue to work as a leader for a diverse, committed and hardworking team.

I strongly share the school’s passion, vision and ethos for the pupils which is embedded throughout Adderley Primary School.

As part of my job role within the school I liaise very closely with the local community including parents and carers. This liaison within the community allows me to share points and views to the Governing Body to help make the best decisions for Adderley Primary School.

I am a very positive person with the passion to steer the school in the best direction with the support of the SLT and Governing Body.

Mr Afzal Hussain – Staff Governor

I have worked in primary schools as a teacher for the past 20 years and am passionate about improving the life chances and aspirations of children as they leave primary school and continue their journeys elsewhere.

I am currently in post as Deputy Headteacher at Adderley and have served on the SLT since 2010. The school has had a real transformation during my time here, children are happy and standards have improved considerably. I have a good understanding of school improvement, analysis of data and curriculum and standards within schools.

As a staff governor for the school I thoroughly appreciate being part of the school’s journey to becoming an outstanding school, to support the inclusive ethos that the school holds with a belief that all children have the right to be enabled to do their very best within a supportive and nurturing environment. The Governing Body (and staff as a whole) wants what is best for our children, and we all pull in the same direction to try and achieve this.