See below for recent comments from parents:

Labeeqa Afzal - "The school is well organised and well disciplined. I am very proud  that my child is doing well"

Sabba Aswat - "I would like to say well done. I am very impressed by my daughters progress. The school has fantastic ideas and my childs concerns are heard and dealt with. I find, by far, this school very safe and secure"

Abdi Aden - "The school is really safe and a great place for my children to be"

Zahreen Asghar - "What a marvellous school. My child is happy, making good progress and enjoys coming to school everyday"

Aisha Khan - "I really like the way the school has improved, it looks more interesting and has a good learning environment for the children"

Naseem Nawaz - "Adderley is a great school. I look forward to having my children learn and grow from here"

Kereen Darby - " I want to say thank you for all your help towards my childs learning. This is the best school I have been to. They have supported us all the way"

Faiza Hussain - " I would like to say well done. Keep up the good work"

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