Pupil Ambassadors


We work closely with our teachers and put forward any ideas that may contribute to help improve our school and learning environment. We learn important leadership skills and help to put systems in place to make sure that the school runs well.  We are a voice for our classes!


We shape our online learning experiences by working closely with the Computing Lead to ensure that our curriculum is exciting and creative but also that all children remain safe whilst online. 


We are part of the UNICEF GOLD Rights Respecting School and in being such, we ensure that the school ethos, values, and principles are in line with the Rights Respecting Charter.  We ensure that all children understand their rights, can articulate them, and put them into everyday practice. The Rights are visible around the school.  We promote Rights Respecting language and help adults understand their roles as duty bearers.


We keep the school library tidy and organised by ensuring that all books are returned and signed in. This ensures that our peers across the school are borrowing books, reading a variety of texts, and returning them. It is important that there is order and the books are correctly placed on the shelves for quick and easy referencing. We are trained by our Library Lead to ensure that the library system runs well.


We ensure that children have a pleasant lunchtime by ensuring that there is enough water to drink on the tables. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the lunch boxes are delivered back to the correct children’s classes at the end of lunchtime.


We help promote a healthy start for all pupils. Our duties involve us monitoring the children whilst they play games, encouraging exercise and reading in Breakfast Club.  We also help to supervise the return of the younger children to their classes.  We ensure that the Golden Ticket games are up to date and set out weekly.  We collect the house points every week, and the winning house is shared in an achievement assembly.


We work alongside the school PE Team at break times to help teach children new games and how to use the equipment safely and correctly. We also help to plan and assist special events such as the Summer Olympics.


We work with the school nurse to ensure that there is adequate first aid equipment in the First Aid boxes. We receive first aid training as First Aiders. We also undertake first aid duties with the school nurse at breaktimes.


We work alongside the school Office staff. We deliver stationery orders to teachers as well as monitoring stock levels, We also deliver any letters that need to be given to parents at home time.


We have been learning about interviewing techniques and skills.  We have the pleasure of interviewing many authors such as Vivian French and Tom Angelberger as well as public figures such as the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and Carl Konadu.  We are confident in using the radio equipment and can compose jingles and broadcast shows.


We work with the Art and DT Lead in creating work which is often entered into competitions.  This showcases the talented artists whose artwork is entered into competitions and displayed around the school that we have produced and often won first prize in competitions.


We work with newly arrived children at the school.  As language may be a barrier to most newcomers. We ensure that we translate and help them understand the routines and expectations of school life. 


We ensure that we know our times tables and can confidently and rapidly recall them.  We work with children from Year 4 to help them learn, understand inverse and to be able to recall them.


We are confident readers, and we listen to children read in the school.  We can help them with strategies of pronunciation, fluency and decoding text.