Your child’s Art displays their character and interests from their very first mark-making, which is why Art and Design is such an exciting and important subject.

Here at Adderley Art & Design is taught every week across the school, from Reception to Year 6.

We implement the teaching of Art & Design through the Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects so that it is cross-curricular and ties into other areas of learning. Our intent for Art & Design is to stimulate creativity and imagination whilst providing the children with unique opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We are lucky enough to have a purpose built room in school called the ‘Creation Station’. Children visit with the intent of partaking in exciting Art & Design activities using a wide range of materials and resources. Understandably we are very proud to be able to offer this fantastic resource to our children! The children get to display their art around the school on displays and in classrooms as well as their very own Art Gallery; which showcases some of their spectacular art work.

If your child has a passion for Art & Design we implement an after school art club which is available for all children to apply for (via ParentMail) no matter their ability. Our intent is to provide the children with plenty of opportunities to feel inspired and build on their creative interests. Additionally we implement a range of educational visits to take the learning outside of the school gates and into the wider world of Art & Design.


  • To have a specialised space to undertake Art and Design activities
  • To provide specialist staff to support lessons
  • To teach an exciting and engaging Art & Design programme
  • To meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • To listen to children’s opinions regarding the teaching of A&D
  • To gain awards linked to Art and Design and Design Technology
  • To provide enrichment opportunities linked to A&D
  • To incorporate A&D into all leaning topics
  • To support ALL children so they can access A&D lessons
  • To teach breadth and depth of A&D knowledge and skills
  • To give children the opportunities to engage, develop, innovate and express themselves with the learning of A&D
  • To give children time & space to use their imagination and creative license
  • To give children access to a range of resources and materials
  • To support children’s cultural capital through A&D
  • To provide clear end points of what skills & knowledge children will acquire by the end of each lesson and ultimately the end of each year
  • Class teachers make formative assessments to gauge children’s knowledge, understanding and retention of information
  • For children to learn skills & knowledge that are scaffolded on a progression of skills relevant to ARE
  • For children to revisit skills & knowledge in order to gain mastery



  • A purpose-built Art & Design Studio (The Creation Station)
  • An Art & Design Technician to support children with learning
  • Use of the Cornerstones Curriculum which has embedded A&D activities within the Imaginative Learning Projects (ILP’S)
  • Achievement of the Platinum Artsmark Award
  • Art Ambassadors
  • Trips and visits linked to A&D e.g. The L.S. Lowry Exhibit
  • Commissioned art work in the West Midlands
  • Entry to Competitions
  • Art Club
  • Small group teaching for children who require additional support
  • Use of the Cornerstones ILP’s handpicked for our school and our children’s needs
  • Bespoke Curriculum Maps
  • Use of the Cornerstones Pedagogy
  • Timetabled slots for the teaching of creative subjects
  • A wide range of A&D activities
  • A fully stocked resource base with a wide range of materials
  • Access to the computing suite to provide digital design opportunities
  • Staff training and support



  • Children get to experience working in a specialised space for A&D activities
  • Children and staff benefit from specialist support and advice available 5 days a week
  • Children partake in exciting and engaging lessons and activities
  • Children get to see A&D in real life situations
  • Children & staff being recognised for their work by receiving the Artsmark Award
  • Children guide their learning by giving staff their feedback and opinions
  • Children feel empowered and involved in their education and what they are being taught
  • Children feel valued and listened to
  • Children receive more focused support when required
  • Children feel excitement and enjoyment from A&D lessons
  • Children gain knowledge and skills they can transfer into the wider world
  • Children learn first-hand the health and safety aspects of A&D and its importance
  • Children can make cross-curriculum links with their learning
  • Children can use other school resources to support and further their A&D leaning
  • Children experience being professional artists
  • Staff feel empowered and more confident in teaching A&D

Ways you can support your child at home…

If you take a closer look you will find art all around you…be it in print art (such as posters and even graffiti), video art (cinema and adverts) or other visual arts (such as drama and dance)! Birmingham is fantastic for the arts and we are very lucky in that a lot of places are totally free to visit! Why don’t you get the whole family involved and visit some of these iconic places: Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, IKON Gallery (both in the city centre), MAC Birmingham (in Cannon Hill Park), Barber Institute of Fine Arts (along the Bristol Road) and many more! There are also lots of free art workshops held in these places.

Drawing is a vital part of Art and a very important skill for your child to develop, it is the main focus of most art lessons here at Adderley. Try to encourage the growth of your child’s drawing skills as much as possible – why not get the whole family involved and have fun learning and creating together!