School Times

Adderley Primary school is open for children’s education for a total of 32 and a half  hours per week.  This does not include Breakfast Club, Late Club or Afterschool Clubs.


AT THE START OF THE DAY: Arden Road and Adderley Park school gates will open at 8:35am and all children go directly to their classrooms to received their registration mark by 8:45am.  The school gates CLOSE promptly at 8:45am. If your child arrives after the gates are closed at 8:45am, they must report to the school office.

AT THE END OF THE DAY: Arden Road and Adderley Park school gates will open at 3:30pm to allow parents to collect their children.


Reception (EYFS) – 12:00pm – 12:55pm

Year 1, 2 and 3 – 12:00pm – 12:55pm

Year 4, 5 and 6 – 12:40pm – 1:35pm


Home times on Fridays is at 1:25pm and all children must be collected by 1:35pm. This is so that teachers can have their entitled hours for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA).


Extra-curricular clubs take place from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Children are collected from the playground or the school hall at the end of club time.


Charges will be applied to Parents for Late Collection of children from Late Club, Afterschool Clubs or late collecting children after a trip or event.

  • Late Club, charges will apply from 4:00pm
  • After School Clubs, charge will apply from 4:35pm
  • Friday Afternoon, charge will apply from 1:45pm

Parent will be charged £3.00 per child for every 15 minutes they are late.  The charges will be added to their Parentmail Account or parents can pay in cash at the School Office.