A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems.

At Adderley Primary School, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging Computing curriculum that equips our pupils with the digital skills, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities needed to excel in today’s technology-driven world. Our curriculum is aligned with our philosophy of nurturing young minds to become responsible, creative, and confident digital citizens.


Curriculum Intent:

Our Computing curriculum is built on the following principles:

Digital Literacy: We believe in empowering our pupils with essential digital literacy skills. Our curriculum ensures that pupils are proficient in using a wide range of digital tools and technologies, allowing them to confidently navigate the digital landscape.


Problem Solving: We emphasize problem-solving and computational thinking. Pupils learn to break down complex problems into manageable steps, enabling them to develop logical and creative solutions.


Creativity: We encourage pupils to explore their creativity through technology. They learn to use software and hardware to create digital art, animations, and multimedia projects, fostering a sense of self-expression.


Online Safety and Digital Citizenship: We prioritize online safety, ensuring that pupils are aware of the risks and responsibilities associated with digital interactions. Our curriculum teaches them to be responsible and respectful digital citizens.



Our curriculum is delivered through the Kapow Primary Computing Scheme, a well-established and trusted resource that aligns perfectly with our curriculum intent. The Kapow Primary Computing Scheme provides the following key features:

Structured Progression: The scheme offers a well-structured progression of topics, ensuring that pupils build on their knowledge and skills year after year.


Engaging Resources: Kapow Primary Computing provides a wide range of engaging resources, including lesson plans, presentations, and activities. These resources are designed to make learning fun and interactive.


Assessment and Feedback: The scheme includes assessment tools that help us measure pupil progress effectively. We can provide timely feedback to pupils, helping them to continuously improve.


Cross-Curricular Links: The Kapow scheme seamlessly integrates Computing with other subjects, promoting cross-curricular learning and reinforcing the real-world applicability of digital skills.



Our primary goal is to ensure that the Computing education we provide has a lasting impact on every pupil’s:

Digital Confidence: We expect our pupils to leave with confidence to navigate the digital world, utilizing technology as a tool for learning, creating, and problem-solving.


Preparedness for the Future: Graduates of our program are well-prepared for the ever-evolving job market, with the skills needed to succeed in a technology-driven world.


Responsible Digital Citizens: Our pupils understand the ethical implications of technology and use it responsibly, making informed decisions about its use.


A Lifelong Love of Learning: By nurturing creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking, we hope to inspire a lifelong love of learning in the field of Computing.


By incorporating the Kapow Primary Computing Scheme into our curriculum, we ensure that our pupils receive a high-quality education in Computing. This scheme supports our intent of developing digital skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and responsible digital citizenship in our pupils. It enables us to deliver a rich and engaging Computing curriculum that prepares our pupils for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.