Business Enterprise

At Adderley, we endorse the school’s vision by reflecting on our values and principles to allow all pupils to be responsible citizens for today, tomorrow and the future.  Managing money is a vital life skill and through Business Enterprise, pupils can learn all about money and how to manage money effectively which will help them in their adult life. Through real life situations and cross- curricular links pupils can then apply this in the real world, which helps them prepare for the real world.


Through Business Enterprise we aim to prepare pupils at Adderley to learn the basic skills and prepare them to be responsible citizens and independent life-long learners. Having the skills taught through Business Enterprise at Adderley will help prepare pupils’ workplace skills which in turn will contribute to their economic wellbeing. Our Business Enterprise curriculum, which is linked to our PSHEC curriculum aims to equip pupils through real life situations and problem-solving scenarios. Pupils are able to develop qualities such as using their Mathematical skills and working effectively in a team.


Pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.  Our aims are to equip pupils with the key skills to allow them to become independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players.

We do this through:


Pupils will learn basic Business Enterprise skills through interactive and engaging workshops. They will be able to use and apply their Mathematical skills to solve real life problems and learn about the role of money in our lives.  It will also allow pupils to learn how to manage their money effectively and make the right choices about saving and spending money.