Language Ambassadors

At Adderley Primary School we have Language Ambassadors who promote the school’s diversity ethos and foreign language learning.

We are a group of bilingual and multilingual children who represent different cultures and speak different languages. Our main roles are to promote British Values, the English language and welcome children who are new to our school. Using our language skills we create a safe environment for the newly arrived children who can learn English in a faster way, supported by all of us.

We went through a selection process within the Foreign Languages Department and we now act as role models promoting the importance of language learning.

At lunchtimes we engage in activities involving the newly arrived children, helping them settle in and feel safe in their new school. We play various games in their home language which allows them to have a break from learning English, as an additional language.

Throughout the week we go into classes and offer language support when needed or translate for the teachers.

The Spanish Ambassadors act as language promoters during the Spanish lessons, supporting our peers with their language learning.

We play an important role in the organisation of Language Days in our school and closely work with our Languages teacher to promote the importance of learning a foreign language in primary schools.

We enjoy our roles as Language Ambassadors because we are proud of our cultural heritage and the languages we speak. This also gives us a chance to help other children achieve their full potential and learn English in a safe school environment.