This term, Year 5 have been developing their knowledge of how to lead and maintain healthy lifestyles.

We were visited by Villa Vitality who conducted workshops with all Year 5 children and parents on how we can create a balanced meal made up of all food groups and shared with us the importance of exercise.

Since their visit, we have been working on 6 different challenges they’ve set us. These are: Eating 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg a day, Swap Your Sugary Drinks, 60 Minutes Physical Activity Each Day, Swap a Snack a Day, Drink More Water Each Day and lastly, Cook and Eat a Healthy, Balanced Meal With Your Family. At the end of these challenges, we get to visit the Aston Villa Football Ground, have a tour of the ground and cook with a professional chef.

Keep it up Year 5, we’re nearly at the finish line!

DSC02006 DSC02101


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