Pupil Leaders

Pupil Leadership - Empowering our children

We love to involve our children in lots of aspects of school improvement. Our 15 Pupil Leader teams are trained to help in delivering this vision through:

  • Working alongside the Strategic Leadership Team in making key decisions
  • Voicing opinions and ideas to improve learning and teaching
  • Being visual around the school to promote good behaviour and safety
  • Actively seeking the views of other pupils regarding key issues and changes in the school

Class Ambassadors -  Led by Mrs Parveen  -  We are the class ambassadors and we encourage pupil voice. We suggest how we can improve learning and teaching at Adderley.


JSLT (Junior Strategic Leadership Team)   -  Led by Mrs Darr  -  We work very closely with Mrs Darr and put forward any ideas and contribution’s we have to improve our school. We learn important leadership skills and help to put systems in place to make sure that the school runs well!


Junior Curriculum Designers  -  Led by Mr Hussain  -  We shape our learning experiences by working closely with Mr Hussain to ensure that our curriculum is exciting and creative and our learning environment is stimulating and vibrant.


Lunchtime Leaders  -  Led by Mrs Ashraf  -  We ensure that children have a pleasant lunchtime by making sure that there is enough water to drink in jugs and that all pack lunch boxes are delivered to relevant children by the end of the  lunchtime.


Library Leaders  -  Led by Ms McGovern  -  We keep the school library tidy by signing books that have been handed in and  put them  back on in their correct shelves. This makes it easy for others to find the book they are looking for.


PE & Playground Leaders   -   Led by Miss Evans  -  We work alongside the school PE Team at breaktimes and lunchtimes to teach children new games to play with our equipment. We also help to plan and assist special events such as the Summer Olympics.


Interfaith Forum  -  Led by Miss Khan  -  We help improve our RMSE Curriculum across the school by sharing our views and  ideas. We help to ensure that children value everyone no matter what their background may be.


Health Education Leaders  -  Led by Mrs Garcha  -  We have been looking at our school menus.  We have recently revised the menus and are enjoying the lunches. We help promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We are currently designing our own allotment.


Breakfast Club Leaders   -  Led by Miss Asghar  -   We help in Breakfast club every day. We monitor children whist they are playing games and put them away tidily. We lead lower school to their classes at the end of breakfast club.


Stationery Leaders    - Led  by Ms Begum  -  We deliver stationery orders to teachers as well as monitoring stock levels!  We deliver any letters going home for parents to the classes everyday.


Social Enterprise Leaders  -  Led by Mrs Naz -  We help with the running of the Social Enterprise Hub which is situated at the heart of the  Adderley Community . We sell books, stationery, uniform and snacks. All profits are donated to charity at the end of the year.


First Aid Leaders  -  Led by Mrs Bharj  -  We assist Mrs Bharj and Mrs Mistry, our school nurse, with First Aid duties and help organise the area when it becomes busy.


Radio Team  -  Led by Mrs Bharj  - We have been learning about interviewing techniques and skills. We have had the pleasure of interviewing Vivian French (children’s author) and Bilal Khan from Free the Children.  We have become familiar with the radio equipment and are confident at making a jingle.


Adderley Bank Leaders  -  Led by Mrs Naz  -   We open young pupils savings accounts with HSBC Bank. We take deposits and assist with updating accounts by making regular deposits to build our savings for our future.


Eco-Team  -  Led by Mrs Kaur  -  We help keep our school environmentally friendly by recycling across school. We encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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