off with her head!

Year 5 children were privileged to start off their Summer term with a visit from a real life Tudor Queen (who looked remarkably like Miss Moghal!) The children were able to develop their speaking and listening skills with a question and answer session with Elizabeth I where they learnt fascinating facts such as it was common in Tudor times for women to shave their hair lines back to make their foreheads appear bigger as this was deemed fashionable!


Moreover, in our Music lessons, the children have been learning of Henry VIII’s complicated relationships with his 6 wives and have been learning the words to Greensleeves; a song composed by Henry VIII to woo Anne Boleyn. Children have also been bringing a Tudor court to life by practising traditional dance moves to Greensleeves.


Continuing with their memorable experiences, Year 5 children visited Tudor World Museum in Stratford Upon Avon where they took part in workshops on Crime and Punishment, Tudor Theatre and learnt of every day Tudor life before going on a tour of Stratford Upon Avon led by William Shakespeare! Here the children were able to visit famous landmarks such as Shakespeare’s house, his school and his burial ground as well as learning about what inspired his writing.


Children have also been working hard to bring their classrooms to life with art work and information they have learnt about Tudor monarchy and lifestyles. We had no idea some of our children were such talented portrait artists!


“I learnt that Tudor streets were polluted with waste and I liked all the old fashioned buildings around Stratford Upon Avon” Abida 5J.

“The cobbled street in the museum was over 400 years old and we had to tread really carefully” Tahseen 5J.

“The visit was interesting and I liked how it linked in with our learning. Mostly, I liked learning about Crime and Punishment”, Mukhtar 5G.

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