School Governors


The role of governing bodies is to help schools provide the best possible education for the pupils at the school. School governing bodies that clearly understand their roles and responsibilities, build productive relationships with school leaders, know their schools well and use the views of parents, pupils and the wider community are best equipped to drive improvement in their schools.

The main aim of the governing body is to maintain and improve the quality of education and the standards of achievement and attainment at the school.

A key role of the governors is to challenge and support the school leaders, holding them to account for their actions in ensuring that all pupils make good progress.



• Know the school well and its strengths and weaknesses. They have a clear vision and create a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel.

• Know the pupils, their strengths, areas for improvement and vulnerabilities. They are ambitious for all pupils and promote improvement.

• Know the finances and approve the budget, ensuring that money is spent effectively.

• Are strategic in making use of targets, budgets, appraisal, the school development plan and other success criteria.

• Are committed unwaveringly to setting high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff.

• Systematically challenge senior leaders so that the effective deployment of staff and resources, including the pupil premium, the primary PE and sport premium and SEND funding, secures excellent outcomes for pupils.

Welcome to the Adderley Primary School website.

We are extremely proud of how this school has dramatically improved and it's achievements in recent years, aligned with it's commitment to be an 'outstanding' school.

The role of the governing body is crucial to the ongoing success of any school. As volunteers we work in partnership with the Head Teacher and Leadership Team to plan the school's future direction, make decisions on budgeting and staffing, ensuring the curriculum is taught in line with the National Curriculum and making sure the school provides for pupils' spiritual, moral and cultural development as well as for the learning of those children who have Special Educational Needs.

The Governors' page and the Parents' Section will surely provide parents and carers with updates as to the work of the Governing Body and Adderley Primary School in order to keep you informed. We look forward to working with the Head Teacher, staff, governors, parents and the local community to continue to build on the successes of the school.




• Act as a partner to the strategic leadership team [SLT], making use of data and targets, action plans, appraisal and other mechanisms to hold the SLT to account.

• Know the quality of teaching and all staffing.

• Ensure that all health and safety and safeguarding requirements are in place and implemented.

• Understand performance management systems, appraisal process and performance related pay leading to professional development that encourages, challenges and supports teachers’ improvement.

• Validate their knowledge, making use of external verification and external data.

• Promote equality of opportunity and diversity for pupils and staff, so that the ethos and culture of the whole school prevents any form of direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour.