5G King Edwards School Outreach Programme

5G children were excited to be the first Year 5 class to take part in the King Edwards School Outreach Programme which will see all three Year 5 classes visit the school in turn and make use of their Athletics Track and Lloyds Bank Sports Pitch.

The sessions were run by specialist King Edwards P.E. coaches and children were accompanied by their class teacher Mrs Garcha and P.E. teacher Mr Melia.

In the 2 hour session, children were split into two groups and took it in turns to take part in an Athletics workshop and one on Cricket skills which enabled children developed their coordination, stamina, muscular power, balance and speed skills.

“The cricket session taught me new ways of bowling”, Usama.

“I learnt how to use my arms to help me develop pace and speed whilst running”, Farahana.

“From the squat position, we learnt how to use our balance and arms to help us jump higher and further”, Ibtisam.

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