As part of Science Week, Adderley held our annual Science Fair! Each class was filled with enthusiastic scientists and they carefully chose which two science experiments they would like to explore and conduct. Working collectively, everyone had to create a project board for each experiment. Our scientists then had to develop their speaking and listening as they were tasked with presenting their experiment to each year group at the fair!

We saw some fantastic project boards filled with buzzing scientific facts! There were lots of amazing experiments such as ‘Bouncing Bubbles’, ‘Rainbow Walking Water’, Volcano Eruption’, ‘Lava Lamp’, ‘Slime’, Static Electricity’, ‘The Magic of Ice’ and many more.


‘It was fun and I loved my experiment’ Zahra 2S

‘I enjoyed the Science fair because we took part in different experiments. Eziah 3O

‘It was an exciting and engaging day. I enjoyed explaining and demonstrating my experiment to other children at the fair’ Yusuf 5S

‘I enjoyed showing my experiment to the Reception children and I made sure they were involved.’ Umaymah 4S

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