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Reception performed their version of the Christmas Nativity, Whoops-a-daisy Angel. The delightful story of a disorganised but lovable angel who is chosen to show the way to Bethlehem. Children and parents joined in to the songs and music in this enchanting play. Here are some pictures in case you missed it! A huge thank you…
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Year 2 visited the Natural History Museum in London as part of their 'Wriggle and Crawl' project. We learnt lots about different creepy crawlies and took information back to school to help us write up our class fact files. We explored the amazing museum and found out lots about butterflies, spiders, beetles and even scorpions!…
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Alchemy Island with Year 5!

As part of the Alchemy Island memorable experience topic, year 5 dressed up as pirates for the day. They went on a treasure hunt in and around school, recited poems by heart in the hall and took part in a science experiment by making and flying pocket rockets!  
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We dressed up in our spooky costumes today in Reception! Children had a creative day learning how to carve pumpkins with their teachers! They used a large spoon and their hands to pull all of the strands and seeds from the inside of their pumpkins. This was messy but great fun! They scraped it as clean as they could, so…
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A letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Children opened up a very special envelope in Assembly today! It was a letter from The Queen saying a big thank you to all our children for writing to her and sending her cards on her Birthday! Well done to our children for such a splendid job!
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