Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a legal requirement in all schools and should be a daily act of worship which is "wholly or mainly Christian in character". At Adderley we have an inclusive approach, wanting all children and adults to have the opportunity to join in with this. Collective Worship is part of an assembly but may also be carried out in class if there isn't an assembly.

We do this through the use of reflection - using a piece of music and something visual, with a thought to reflect upon. Prayers can also be used, these may be private and personal or lead by someone - children are given the option to "join in" these collective prayers by adding an "Ameen" or "Amen" at the end, which means "I agree".

If children do not want to participate they are encouraged to sit quietly so the children who want to take part are able to without distractions.

Children can formally be withdrawn from acts of Collective Worship by agreement, in writing, with the Headteacher.

Please read our 'Religious Education at Adderley' information page for further details on Religious Education and Collective Worship at Adderley Primary School. This is given out with the Parent Welcome Brochure at the beginning of the school year.

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